The Journey: A Year in Review

“…(you) cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

By: Jennifer Mullen

This article is a follow-up to Even Though.

So, a year and half ago I was sitting in a parking lot pouring my heart out to the LORD when I received the vision for this blog.  I had no idea of how to execute it.  I did, however, purpose in my heart to take the journey.  The first steps were taken. In the months that followed, I met with Gretchen, Kerri, and Melissa.  More than anything, we prayed. 

We prayed that this blog would be what God wanted it to be.  We prayed that God would give us insight into what our readers needed to hear.  We prayed that our words and actions would glorify Him.  (I prayed that we would have readers, period.)

Since we launched one year ago today, we have had over 15,000 visitors to our site.  That may sound like small potatoes to the big time bloggers, but in Heavenly terms it is very significant. 

It warms my heart that over 15,000 times we have brought the encouragement of the LORD into the hearts of our readers. 

Not only have our readers been encouraged, so have our writers.  I have been told by our regular writers and our guests alike that the writing process was so much more difficult than they expected.  We are passionate about our topics, but the actual process of putting our words in black and white has stirred up many emotions. We have touched on issues such as infertility, foster care, marriage, prayer, and so many others that are close to our hearts.  At times, it has been painful to share.  To be effective in our ministry to you, we have had to be transparent. 

The most painful, yet rewarding series for me was when I shared with our readers my struggles with postpartum depression. The enemy did not want me to be so open.  Since I wrote those articles, I have received many public and private messages thanking me for sharing.  The private messages were so compelling.  They all had themes of shame, of relief, and of hope.  It made me realize going through those dark times was worth the journey. 


….we, in reality, don’t know how to blog

…we, at times, feel that nobody is reading our articles

…we continually sacrifice ourselves by making ourselves vulnerable for the sake of our readers

…we may never know our impact

it has been worth every step!

I have said over and over that this blog is “an act of obedience”!

EVEN THOUGH I may never see “the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end,” I have been blessed by the small glimpses He has allowed.  These glimpses have given me insight in understanding how a few moms with a computer can make an eternal difference.

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