The Gospel Ornament: Tell the Story of Jesus to Your Kids

“Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,’Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.’ ” Luke 2:14

By: Jennifer Mullen

In the busyness of the season, it is important to remind our children (and ourselves) the reason we celebrate Christmas. This is a simple way to share the gospel story with your family.  Make this activity one of your advent events during your family devotional time.

What You Will Need: 

  • clear plastic or glass ornaments
  • white crafting feathers
  • red ribbon
  • raffia

Found all of these items at Hobby Lobby.

How To: 

While reading various scriptures about Jesus with your family, insert the following into the ornament:

  • Raffia– This symbolizes the hay in the manger. Read Luke 2.
  • Red Ribbon– This symbolizes the blood of Christ. Read Matthew 26:28 and Isaiah 53:5. 
  • Feather– This symbolizes the angel who proclaimed the resurrection at the tomb. Read Luke 24:1-12
Make it into a Gift: 
The Gospel Ornament is a inexpensive gift to share with neighbors, teachers, students, friends, etc. You could easy make 48 of these for less than $25.  Include in a paper sack all of the items for the ornament with the instructions on how to assemble. For a free printable to include with your gift, click here: Gospel Ornament Printable.

2 thoughts on “The Gospel Ornament: Tell the Story of Jesus to Your Kids

  1. Heather Grant

    Love, love, love this! It’s a terrific way to remind everyone why we celebrate:) May do this for preschool, Sunday school teachers, school teachers, neighbors……. Thanks for the inspiration!

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