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DIY: Tile Coasters

“…and works with her hands in delight.” Proverbs 31:13b

By: Sarah Smith

Believe it or not, Christmas is right around the corner!  I’m assuming I’m not the only one on a tight budget this year so I’d like to share a great gift idea that is fun to make, personal and inexpensive, too!

Items needed:

  • 4 inch tiles (as many as you’d like),
  •  Mod Podge,
  • small paintbrush,
  • photos or favorite paper,
  • felt circle pads.

Found these white glossy tiles for only 16 cents apiece!  The other ones shown here are only 33 cents apiece.

Photo Ideas – Grandchildren, children, favorite scenery, pets, activities or sports, initials, etc.  (Last year, I made a set of coasters using photos that my brother took on a recent trip to Italy – it was a great gift for a guy who has everything!)  Today, I’m making a tile as a gift for my Sunday school girls.  Each girl will get a coaster with their picture on it along with a Bible verse.  It can be used as a coaster or decorative tile.


  1.  After choosing your photo or paper, cut it to fit the tile.
  2. Coat coaster with Mod Podge and apply photo to the front.  Press in place.
  3. Cover photo and coaster with layer of Mod Podge.  Repeat at least 4 more times allowing glue to dry between layers – about 15 minutes.  Don’t panic when the glue goes on white because it will dry clear.  (once clear, apply the next coat)
  4. When completely dry, apply felt pads to the bottom.  This will prevent the tile coaster from scratching the surface.
  5. Wait at least 48 hours before using.

NOTES:  I have used a set of homemade coasters for over a year and they remain in great condition.  I have noticed that if we put a very cold glass with ice on the coaster for a length of time, it will leave a white ring.  I panicked the first time but then it disappeared and they have been fine.

The glossy white tiles are sharp on the edges…I wouldn’t recommend these where children are present.  (I plan to glue a ribbon around the ones I made)

Other sites will tell you to coat the final product with a sealer.  I did not do this on mine and have had no problems at all.

These make great gifts for any occasion!

Some of my projects:

Our favorite sports team!


(To order this set or more HOGS items from Sarah, go to her Facebook page.  Unique Razorback H.O.G.S. Photos and Prints.)

Italy photos used on a set of 4 coasters I made for my brother.

Grace Girls – 5th/6th grade Sunday school class
(no pictures were harmed in the making of this craft
…faces are blurred on purpose) 😉