Summer Schedule: Take Two

Your mother was like a vine in your vineyard planted by the water; it was fruitful and full of branches because of abundant water.  Ezekiel 19:10

By: Gretchen Speer

I first made a summer schedule three years ago.  I was almost 6 months pregnant with my fourth child and was a little anxious about having a 2, 4 and 7-year-old at home all day all summer!  Knowing that the “I’m bored!” declarations were soon coming and wanting my kids to retain the things they had learned in school I came up with this schedule.

It worked really well for us for that summer and the next two summers.  We followed it only when were were at home.  If we were out and about in the morning we would just hop right into it when we got home.  When I first made it I wasn’t sure if the kids would like having a schedule to follow, but my kids really seem to prefer to know how their day will be layed out.  I think it also helps the transition back into school in the fall.

Now that my kids are a few years older I decided to tweak it just a bit.  Here is what I came up with:

Updated Summer Schedule

Updated Summer Schedule















Summer Schedule

8:00-9:00-Outside TimeMy kids don’t have a swing set or any fancy play equipment.  They like to race eachother accross the back yard, play soccer, do bubbles, ride scooters, do sidewalk chalk-all kinds of fun stuff:)




I see summertime as an opportunity for teaching my kids a few new chores.  That’s why I allow for more time for chores to be completed.  It allows me time to teach them something and gives them plenty of time to complete things on their lists.  If they get done really early their is the insentive of a fun project. (Baking, a trip to the playground, crochet…who knows what we’ll come up with.)


Once they have had their snack it’s basically free play-it is summer after all!

11:00-12:00- Homework/Paint/Playdough

This is a time for them to work in grade level workbooks, color, paint with water color or finger paints, get the Playdough out…lots of possibility here.  My kids love it when I give them homework to do, I’m not sure why, but they get excited about this time. (For more Mommy School ideas click here.)


My kids are all about fixing their own lunch these days!  I love it!

12:30-1:00- Put T down for a nap/Read Aloud

My two year old is pretty distracting, so he gets to go down for a nap at this time.(and he is usually ready for one by this time:)  We are going to read through as many of the Boxcar chapter books as we can get through this summer!  During this time my kids take turns reading chapters.  I am close by listening while working on the dishes 🙂

Remember that Mosaic of Moms has issued a Read Aloud challenge.  Check that out here.

1:00-3:00- Rest/Nap/Quiet Play

This is a time where they are in their room.  They can read, take a nap, or play quietly.  We have also established this as a bath and shower time if they didn’t take one the night before.  I let them stay up late most summer nights, but they still are up with the sun every morning.  Even my ten-year-old needs this down time to catch up on some rest.  They don’t always nap, but most days they do.

3:00-4:00- Snack/TV/Play

Another free for all.

4:00-5:00- IXL/Fun Brain/Puzzles

This is a time that they can take turns getting on the computer to play educational games they liked from school.

5:00-5:30- Room Play Time

I built this into the schedule so that I could have some peace while I cook supper.  During this time, I usually ask them to pick their rooms up a little bit.  They are allowed play on their itouch or DS.



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