Simple Chores Chart/Task Board

By: Jennifer Mullen

My sister-in-law found this great project on Pinterest for a simple way for her children to keep on task as they are getting ready for school.  I overhead her talking about it so I offered to make them for her.  I also made one for my daughter, but modified it to help her with keeping track of homeschooling tasks.

I started with plain wooden door hangers that can be found at any hobby supply store. I painted them with acrylic paint.

Then I hot glued embellishments on them.  Tiaras for the girls. A pirate hat for the boy. 

I personalized them by using paint pens to write their names. Again, using paint pens, I wrote “To-Do” on the left side and “Done” on the right.

For the girls I hot glued plastic gems onto clothes pins.  For the boy, I used stars.

I told my daughter that when she finishes a task, it was like she got a jewel in her crown.Naturally she wanted to try it out.









If you want a more detailed explanation of how to develop a chores chart, check out this article by Gretchen.  In it she explains how she uses chores charts in her home and lists appropriate chores by age.

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