Our Beginning

By Jennifer Mullen

In pre-marital counseling, the Pastor asked us “What is a personal  goal of yours that you hope to accomplish in the next 10 years?” My answer was “to be published”.   I have always written journals and poetry, and I felt that I had something worth sharing.  I thought that I could write a devotional book.  I never did anything with that dream, because life got in the way.
As our marriage progressed, Mike and I toyed around with the idea to start a website to encourage Christians, but we were unsure of whom our target audience would be.  We began our family and again life got in the way.
This past spring, I felt called to give up Facebook for lent.  It was consuming large chunks of my time and attention.  My youngest  was still in sleep training at the time which left me empty of all energy.  I felt alone because I didn’t have my “network” of friends . I remember  sitting  in a coffee shop parking lot with my son asleep in the back seat, and I was crying, pouring my heart out to the LORD about this stage of my life  My prayer at this time focused on my struggle in wanting to be “great” at something.  I then realized that nothing was more important than my mission to be a “great” mom.
It was in that parking lot that I felt prompted to encourage other mothers who felt like me.  I called three  women that had been examples and encouragers to me in this process of motherhood and pitched the idea of this blog.
My goal of being published may never happen, but God is making my dream come true in that I can encourage others through the written word.
We are a Mosaic of Moms who are in the process of being refined.  The LORD uses the pieces of our lives to construct  them into a beautiful piece of artwork.    It is not until we get the LORD’s perspective on our lives that we see the beauty of how it all fits together.   May our words encourage you to seek that perspective in your own life.