Oldies But Goodies

We are working hard on a new layout for our blog which we hope will help you to be able to locate the posts that you want to read more easily.  We hope to go live with  the new look and our official logo sometime next week.  Until then we will be posting links to old articles on our Facebook page that have been popular or particularly moving to our readers.  (If you haven’t already, go “like” our page now.)

Being that this April is Autism Awareness Month we are going to start by highlighting a two part series on that topic.  We had two amazing guest writers.  One- a parent of a child with Autism and the other a Speech-Language Pathologist.  Enjoy.

Parenting and Autism Spectrum Disorders: Part 1–  By Julie Delucchi

Parenting and Autism Spectrum Disorders: Part 2– By: Laura Merriman

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