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Sarah has been guest writing for us for awhile now.  Her perspective has been so refreshing to our readers!  We have decided to make it official and bring her onto the team.  Her most popular post has been Broken. To see more of her posts click here.

321075_10200216163716612_1877969279_nSarah Smith was raised in a small town in Iowa and is the youngest of four children (2 sisters and 1 brother).  Her Dad’s example of working hard to provide for the family taught her to always do a job well and with pride no matter the job.  Her Mom had a servant’s heart and always put others before herself.   Sarah moved with her parents to Rogers, AR when she was 16.

Sarah is a University of Arkansas graduate with a degree in accounting.  Her intentions were to work in the public accounting field but when she became pregnant in 1994 with her first child and realized she was due right before tax season, she knew it was time to rethink her plans.  While she did work the first 18 months of her son’s life as an office manager, when the family moved to Georgia because of her husband’s job, she and her husband decided it was time for her to be a stay-at-home mom.

Sarah’s parenting style when the kids were younger fell under the attachment parenting umbrella.  (Yep, she slept with her babies and nursed longer than “normal”.)  Her best advice to new moms is to listen to advice from all ‘sides’ and to follow her own ‘mommy heart’.   Just because one way works for one mama doesn’t mean it will work for every mama.

Sarah and her husband Brian have been married for almost 20 years.  She is joyfully surviving being the mom of 2 teenage boys (18 year-old Fisher and 15 year-old Carter) and one pre-teen girl (11 year-old Lydia).  She homeschools her daughter while both sons have done very well in public school.  The oldest graduates this year (May 2013) and will be off to college soon.

She chooses to remain in denial that anyone will be leaving the nest anytime in the near future but has noticed that just when she thinks she’s reached the best years of parenting – it gets even better!  She enjoys watching her children in their activities – all 3 play golf and her daughter also plays volleyball.  Both boys played baseball when they were younger. Digital scrapbooking those activities and other fun family moments is her favorite hobby.

Psalm 100 is one of her favorites.  It reminds her of her mom and she prays that she, herself will always offer up joyful songs – giving thanks and praising His holy name – knowing that His faithfulness will continue for her personally and in the generations to come.

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