Melissa Pope, writer

Melissa has been married to Mark for 17 years. They met as children at a church in Kansas City, MO. After dating as students at Kansas State University they married and moved to Northwest Arkansas. After Mark’s schooling was  complete they were ready to start a family. Two disappointing miscarriages and a time of waiting was rewarded by three beautiful, healthy daughters. The home is filled with laughter, fun, fighting and busyness by Lydia, 10; Abigail, 8; and Chloe, 5.
Melissa was raised in a Christian home by parents who modeled service and generosity (time, talent, treasure) to their church family and community. Her mother is a teacher by training, stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur with her husband and currently works part-time at a quilt shop. Melissa’s father was also a teacher who opened a woodworking business in a mid-sized Kansas town. He still spends much of his time in service to others.
As a stay-at-home mom Melissa spends time volunteering at her older two
daughters’ schools, driving Chloe to pre-school and therapy sessions,
participating in a freezer meal exchange, volunteering where needed at church
(generally related to childrens’ ministry) and has been a Creative Memories
consultant for nine years. Her mothering philosophy consists of modeling healthy
living, service to others and maintaining a balanced environment at home where
her family can feel comfortable to be themselves, learn about Christian living
and explore their world.
Daily goals include Bible reading, prayer time, and striving to be a better mother and wife. Melissa believes every mom needs to take time to develop her own interests and grow as a person. Some of her personal interests are scrapbooking, reading and long distance running.