Kerri Young, writer

Kerri headshotIn a nutshell, Kerri Young is a blessed daughter of the King, a devoted wife, a stay-at-home mom for three kids, a retired cheer coach, a military brat, a preacher’s kid, the only sister to three brothers, and a tall gal with lots of naturally curly hair.

And now for the longer version…. Kerri was fortunate enough to grow up in a Christian home and move all over the world with her family since her dad was a Navy Chaplain. She was the only daughter and has parents who modeled Christ-like love and acceptance all her life, so she knows she is a princess and is thankful for the identity and security she has always had in Christ. Far from perfect and very aware of her shortcomings, Kerri delights in Her Abba Father’s grace and in the help and hope the Holy Spirit provides each day.

Kerri has had the privilege of walking alongside her best friend and husband, Brent, for almost 13 years. Kerri and Brent have three beautiful children who teach them daily just how much they need the Holy Spirit to work out His fruit in their lives. Parenting is hard work! Before becoming a full-time stay at home mom Kerri worked in vocational ministry as a High School Youth Director at a large church in Omaha, Nebraska for five years. After finishing her Masters in Ministry with an emphasis in Higher Education in 2009, Kerri started working part-time as the Head Cheer Coach at John Brown University, with kids in tow.

When it comes to parenting, Kerri is thankful for the life lessons she learned having two much younger brothers (10 & 13 years). She watched how quickly they grew up which has given her enough perspective to remain calm and remember that this, too, shall pass. Because of that perspective, she asks for visitors not to be shocked by dishes in the sink, piles of dirty laundry on the floor, or carpet dust bunnies building colonies in the corners. Working in youth ministry also shaped her parenting because it taught her how important it is to be authentic and let her children see how much she depends on the grace of God in each moment. Her philosophy is that life goes too fast to stress about the little things. Her cup is more than half-full and she has much for which to be thankful. She is passionate about the one glorious ambition of loving and serving her Lord wherever He may lead and it is her biggest prayer that her children will someday come to acknowledge that same passion and purpose in their lives.

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