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Gretchen Renee Speer is a beloved daughter of Christ, wife to her best friend, mother of 4 darling children, worship leader whenever she gets a chance, and devoted purse lover.

Gretchen grew up in a small town in southeast Kansas.  With a close-knit extended family near-by she was brought up to know and follow hard after Jesus.  Watching her parents serve at church, she learned from a young age the importance of taking her place in the body of Christ.  One of her earliest memories is of her Dad leading worship for a youth group, she was sitting with her mom who was most likely running the sound.  She has one sibling, a younger brother has been her faithful friend from day one.

Eleven years ago Gretchen met her husband at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center where she was working part time while taking classes at a local junior college.  One month after their first date they were engaged and 10 months after that they were married at the church where Gretchen grew up.

Being a mother is something that Gretchen always knew she wanted.   On May 22, 2003 God fulfilled the desires of her heart when she gave birth to her first child.  Since then God has blessed her and her husband, Derek, with three more beautiful children.  Her kids are 8, 6, 3 and almost 1.

When it comes to parenting Gretchen feels that it’s important to parent each child according to their personality and temperament.   She knows that keeping her house spotless is a waste of her precious time and energy, but still attempts it every once in a while.  She daily relies on Gods promise to her, “He tends His flock like a shepard:  He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those with young .”(Isaiah 40:11)

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