Children’s Book Review and Awesome Giveaway!

The illustrator of this amazing children’s book, Alex Clark,  has offered to give away a copy of the book and draw a picture of the child of the winner of the contest!  See details below:

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecclesiastes 3:1

by: Jennifer Clark

A Book Review of Your Time Will Come

I think that one of the hardest things in world is to watch your child struggle. Who doesn’t want to see their child succeed? What is difficult to remember is that sometimes the struggle is what makes the victory worthwhile. The new children’s book, Your Time Will Come by Dave Hammer and Alex M. Clark, beautifully illustrates that lesson in a way that children will understand and parents will appreciate.

From the time that Chad was a baby, he wanted to play baseball. But the road to realizing his dream was not easy. He struck out in Little League, failed to make the baseball travel team, and found himself sitting on the bench a lot. His father, however, always encouraged him to keep trying, to never give up.

Your Time Will Come teaches children that perseverance, not luck or raw talent is the real key to success. Each time that the young boy felt disappointed or discouraged, his father reminded him that although he was not successful this time, eventually, his time would come.

An Interview of the illustrator:

I asked Alex Clark a few questions about his book and how it came to be written (you might notice our last names are the same; Alex is my very talented brother-in-law).

What was the inspiration for this book?
I’m married (13 years!) and I have two sons, Chasen (9) and Kyan (6). My wife and I are both artists and actually met in Art School in Indiana at Ball State University. She is a photographer with her own studio in Columbus, OH. The boys are fantastic, but both are handfuls as my oldest was diagnosed with Autism a few years ago and my youngest is very energetic and has a speech disorder called Speech Apraxia.

I was asked in late 2009 to illustrate a children’s book for CASANA, an organization for Childhood Apraxia of Speech, for their summer 2010 national conference. One of the main characters in the book was Captain Hammer, who was modeled after a board member and speech pathologist out of Pittsburgh named David Hammer. I had the joy of meeting Dave and getting to know him over those few days and he approached me on the last day about a story he came up with years ago about a father, his son, and baseball. It reminded me of my father and how he used to come with my mom to every basketball game, every track meet, and every baseball game. Having two sons myself, Dave’s story made me think about how I am with my boys and how I’ll always support them in whatever they choose to do.

What message do you want kids to take away from the story? 
Never give up on any challenge if you have a passion for it. Hard work and dedication will always win out in the end, especially if you have the love and support of your family and friends.

To learn more about Alex visit is website and his Facebook page.

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Giveaway Details:

As stated above, the illustrator of this amazing children’s book, Alex Clark,  has offered to give away a copy of the book and draw a picture of the child of the winner of the contest!

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A Few Quick Rules:

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