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Crazy Cookies

 Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.  Proverbs 16:24

I happened accross a recipe similar to this on pinterest last spring.  We decided to give it a whirl on Father’s Day last year, and it was a big hit!  It was so rich that Daddy couldn’t handle much, but the kids thought it was awesome.  While we were making them my older DD said “Mom, these cookies are CRAZY!”  We have been calling them that ever since. 🙂

Here is what you need:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Fudge Brownie Mix

                                     Assorted chocolate candy and cookies.  (We used snickers, milky way, caramels, and kisses.  The last time we made it we used reeses minis, double stuffed oreos, rolos and kisses.)

Step 1

 Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.  While you are working on the brownie mix, have your kids unwrap all the candy….and don’t let them eat it all! 🙂

Step 2

  Have the kids press the cookie dough onto the bottom of a 9×13 pan.  Tip: Sit the dough out for a little bit before hand so it’s easier to work with.

Step 3

Have your kids put all the candies on top of the cookie dough

Step 4

Poor the brownie batter on top

Make sure it’s spread over all the candy

Step 5

Bake for around 45 minutes-until the brownie batter is cooked through.

Step 6

YUM!  Can you tell we’re not edge people? 🙂  I think this would be awesome with some homemade icecream…

Easy Christmas Candy that Makes Your Angels Sing

By: Kerri Young

Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,“Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:13-14

While this candy treat cannot begin to compare to the majesty of Jesus’ birth, it could be quite possible that angels sing at the sight of this delicious, simplistic, ingenious concotion. (Well, at least  my little angels sing.)  =)  I’m not sure when I found this recipe…probably at least 6 or 7 years ago when I still had a monthly subscription to Quick Cooking (which later became Simple & Delicious) magazine. Every Christmas since then I have made these yummy little treats and have even given them away as Christmas presents a time or two.

I’m not even exactly sure what they are called anymore, because the recipe is so easy I do it from memory. But, these are perfect to make with little helpers who want to be a part of the Christmas cooking/baking madness that inevitably surrounds this holiday. =) (Actually, my kiddos do the bulk of the work…which I consider a WIN-WIN!)

What you need:








Tiny twist Pretzels









Pecan halves







Parchment paper (or aluminum foil or wax paper in a pinch)

How you make them:

1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees

2. Place parchment paper on large baking pan

3. Place pretzels on large baking pan







4. Place rolos in center of pretzels on baking pan













5. Put pan in preheated oven for 5 minutes (or until chocolate is shiny and beginning to melt)

Rolos should look something like this:







6. Remove pan from oven and quickly press one pecan half on each rolo,  smooshing the chocolate down







7. Allow to cool completely (I sometimes slide my pan in the fridge). Remove from pan and keep in airtight container (they will stick to the paper a little and might even stick to each other if you put them as close as I did, but they should come right off and separate if you pick up the paper and push from underneath…thus the reason to use parchment or aluminum foil)

Here are some tips: 

I buy rolos in bulk at Sam’s Club when I make these, because I like to make a lot and they are easy to unwrap. (Unwrapping the rolos is a step even my four year old can do.)







I typically fill up an entire half size (18x13x1) pan with pretzels (which ends up being somewhere between 110-120) and I line them up in nice, neat rows so I can quickly count how many rolos and pecans I will need. (My seven year old did this for me last night and we even got in a math lesson on multiplication.) =)







I sort out my pecan halves and count the right amount ahead of time to make for quick work when it’s time to get them on the chocolate. (You have to work kind of quickly if you have a large amount to make sure you get the pecan on there before it cools off too much to smoosh appropriately.) =) (My husband did this for me last night. It was really a family affair!)







Enlist your kiddos to help as much as you can because it’s really hard to mess these up and there really isn’t even a mess. The only things I do all by myself are put the pan in and take the pan out of the oven and put the pecans on top of the rolos after taking them out of the oven. This is such a welcome break from a lot of the other cookies and treats I make this time of year!







The only bummer about these treats is that they are small… and they are yummy. Before you know it, you can consume quite a few…so, beware. You have been warned!!! =)

I would love to hear if you make these this Christmas or if you have any other easy, kid-friendly Christmas goodies to share, so be sure to let us know in the comments section.

From my family to yours, we wish you a blessed Christmas and pray you have time to be still and reflect upon the wonder and awe of the Christ Child! May His peace be yours this Christmas season!








Christmas Sugar Cookies

“Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle.” 2 Thessalonians 2:15 NKJV

By: Gretchen Speer

Everyone loves my mom’s sugar cookies-everyone!  I don’t know how many dozen she makes at Christmas time, many for sure.  I remember when my brother and I were growing up getting to help her make the cookies and frost them.  We loved it!  This is a tradition that I have continued in my own home.  Every time I smell a batch of these cookies baking I think of her.  I’m so thankful she spent that time with me, and now I get to do them with my own kids.

My cookies are a little different from my moms b/c of two things.

1) Hers are PERFECTLY frosted in a “I really hate to eat this because it’s so pretty, but who are we kidding, it’s a yummy cookie..” kind of way.  I just don’t have it in me.  I have tried, and they look horrible.  So, my kids frost every single one of them-and the love it!  You know what the best part about eating a cookie that a four-year old has frosted?  There is a ridiculous about of frosting and sprinkle on it.  My DD somehow manages to frost both sides of the cookie-they are awesome.

2) My mom tries to get the most amount of cookies from her dough, and I make humongous cookies so I don’t have to bake all day. There is value in doing it both ways, I like my way b/c I like humongous cookies.  🙂




Mom’s Sugar Cookies (x3)

2 1/4 C. Shortening (Crisco sticks-butter flavored)

3 C. Sugar

6 eggs

3 tsp baking powder

3 tsp vanilla

7 1/2 C. flour

3 t. salt

Mix thoroughly: shortening, sugar, eggs and vanilla

In separate bowl mix dry ingredients

Blend dry ingredients into the wet gradually. (You may have to stop using the mixer at some point and use your hands.)


Chill for at least an hour

Roll out with rolling-pin and use cookie cutters of your choice.

Place on an ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake at 400 degrees for 6-8 minutes.  (The baking time will vary depending on the size of the cookies.  My humongous ones take over 10 minutes.)


Mix Powdered sugar with small amounts of milk until you reach desired thickness.  Add food coloring if you wish.  (Start with 1 C. of milk and 1/2 tbsp of milk.  You want it thick enough that it doesn’t run off the cookie.)

I think sometimes carrying on traditions brings the burden of doing things exactly like you did with the person who taught you.  As with many things, you have to make adjustments so that it fits you.  There is no doubt in my mind that my kids will make their sugar cookies a little different from I do-and that’s okay!! 🙂

Merry Christmas Mommas!





Chicken Tortilla Soup-Easy Post Thanksgiving Meals Day 3

But he who is of a merry heart has a continual feast. Proverbs 15:15b


Whenever we have company I use my crock pot at least once if not a few times.  Who wants to spend all day slaving away in the kitchen when you have loved ones visiting?  This soup is a combination of several recipes I have found.  To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever made it exactly the same way twice.  It’s the kind of soup that you throw in whatever you have in the pantry, and hope for the best…but it always comes out good-I promise!

This soup is one you want to cook on low all day if you’re having it for dinner, or all night if you’re serving it for lunch.

Here is what you need:

Frozen raw chicken (the amount depends on how much you like in your soup-or how much you happen to have in your freezer 🙂

Two or three different kinds of canned beans. (i usually prefer black and kidney, but I have also used navy and pinto in it.)

1 can of rotel

1 can of enchilada sauce

1 cup of chicken broth (More or less depending on how thick you like your soup to be.  I didn’t have broth the other day and used water-it turned out fine.

2 tsp of chili powder

1 tsp oregano

2-3 cloves of fresh garlic (probably one of the most important ingredients-do not substitute garlic powder!)

1-2 chopped onion (I used sweet or white)

Put the chicken in the crock pot (still frozen).  Drain and rinse beans and pour them on top.  Dump everything else in, turn the crock pot on low and walk away. 🙂

NOTE:  I usually use some cornstarch to thicken mine about an hour before serving it.  Take 2 tsp of cornstarch and add to a cup of cold water.  Stir it well and then dump it in the crock pot with the soup.  Mix it around and let it sit for a bit.  If it’s still too thin for your liking repeat step one.:)

I usually serve mine with shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream.  Jalapenos would also be good with it.

I hope you enjoy these recipes, but mostly I hope you enjoy the people you get to share them with.  Blessings Moms!!


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Toasted Sub Sandwiches, Easy Post Thanksgiving Meals-Day 2

And you shall rejoice in your feast. Deuteronomy 16:14a

By: Gretchen Speer

This is my go to recipe for a quick meal.  I keep several french loaves in the freezer, and we almost always have lunch meat and cheese.  I will say that I think the thing that makes the biggest difference with this recipe is the quality of ingredients.  I have tried using pre- packaged meat and cheese and it’s just not as good as the meat and cheese from the deli!

Sometimes we keep it simple and just do the meat and cheese only on the sandwich, but I when we are serving a crowd I like to offer a “sandwich bar.”  It’s like subway came and set up in our kitchen:)

To make these subs you simply cut the bread down the middle most of the way though.  Lay it open and put the deli meat and sliced cheese on one side.  Lightly drizzle olive oil on the other.  Cook it at 350 degrees until it is toasted to your liking.  I cut mine up, but leave them on the cookie sheet so they will stay warm until they are snatched up.  It is really fast and really easy, and not much clean up either.  Doesn’t get any better than that!

Here’s a list of the things I like to sit out for the sandwich bar:

  • shredded lettuce
  • sliced tomato
  • sliced onion
  • sliced peppers
  • jalapeno
  • banana peppers
  • pickle sandwich slices
  • mayo
  • mustard
  • spicy mustard
  • ranch dressing

If you have a lot of turkey left over this would be perfect for that!

We usually serve some chips, veggies, fruit and sometimes soup with it.  Check back tomorrow for my recipe for chicken tortilla soup!

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